New Gallup Poll – Parties Tied at 46% in Generic Ballot for Congress

Latest weekly update shows more competitive contest

Are things looking up for the Dems? It’s been so dismal in the polls lately. But this new Gallup that they put out lately shows a small, but interesting change. While there is still a factor of Republicans being more excited about getting out and voting than Democrats, this could be enough of a change to cut down on the takeover of Congress by the Right.

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  1. Why do this to yourselves? Keeping up “hope” that the left will not suffer a great defeat, will only be more emotionally devastating for you after the election.

    But then again, reports like this are good for the right because the last thing I want , for libertarians like myself, is for voters on the right to think that they can stay home election day because the election is going to be a landslide.

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