Car in the shop; First Aphasia test today…

I’m sitting over at my daughter Penny’s house where my wife dropped me after I left my car at Brown’s Car Repair to find out why it is overheating. Very shortly we have to leave to go and get the first of three Aphasia test appointments that my Doctor arranged yesterday.

I’m expecting just about everything to go wrong today… my car will need days to repair and will be very expensive, the medical tests will show that I am slipping into a mental breakdown state (where I probably won’t be able to drive the now expensive car anyway), and my life will go dribbling down the drain.

Or it could work out alright.

What are the odds?


UPDATE…after Lunch.

1. Car is going to cost around $1200.00 and needs a new radiator, thermostat and a couple of other parts that Browns won’t have until tomorrow. That’s pretty depressing (Hello debt!)

2. MRI test on my neck (which plots if anything is blocking blood to the brain, I guess) showed nothing outstanding. Next test on Friday… an “Echo” test by a heart specialist.

Penny drove me home and I start thinking about the dismal Fall that is beginning.

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  1. I am glad to hear the the MRI of your brain showed nothing. 😉

    • MRI was of arteries in my neck. I’m glad to see that most of what you say and stand for is a joke.

      • Relax people, it was a joke, sheesh.

        I know and understand that there is a lot of acrimonious discourse between the left and the right in this country right now. I am a far right Libertarian and I enjoy healthy political debate. I do not however enjoy childish arguments. I am by no means accusing anyone here of being childish, on the contrary, when I read this blog I discovered a bit more intelligence than I have seen else ware which prompted me to throw my ideological hat in the ring.

        I know that most people, on both sides, are not very civil when it comes to political debate and it would be understandable for the reader of this blog to assume that I am one of them. Well, I’m not. I have found that if you are trying to share your beliefs, convince someone to see things from a different point of view, or simply debate the facts etc., that the moment you sink to a disrespectful level, it only indicates that you have nothing else to offer.

        I say all of this because I would like to be accepted on this blog as a commenter, of course I don’t expect any of you to agree with me, but at least respect me and debate me.

        The reason for all of this explanation is because I see 4 thumbs down for my joke above. I believe this is only because I am perceived as an aggravator here. Had a friend said the same thing, we would see 4 thumbs up.

        If the readers of this blog don’t want me here, just let me know, I will bid you a good day and continue my search for spirited debate else ware. Otherwise, I will be happy to stay and share with you all a Libertarian viewpoint.

        Oh, and a little secret, Libertarians agree with Liberals over Conservatives on more issues than you may think, I might just surprise you.

      • Just to let you know, Joe, if my Mother made a joke out of the very scary medical stuff I’m going through now, she would have received at least my thumbs down (and I guess some others might tag along.)

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