Daily Archives: September 3, 2010

What would we do without Eugene Robinson?

In his WaPo column today entitled “The spoiled-brat American electorate,” Eugene Robinson accurately pushpins us right to the setup board when it comes to our ability to find solutions to national problems through politics.

Here’s a piece:

The nation demands the impossible: quick, painless solutions to long-term, structural problems. While they’re running for office, politicians of both parties encourage this kind of magical thinking. When they get into office, they’re forced to try to explain that things aren’t quite so simple — that restructuring our economy, renewing the nation’s increasingly rickety infrastructure, reforming an unsustainable system of entitlements, redefining America’s position in the world and all the other massive challenges that face the country are going to require years of effort. But the American people don’t want to hear any of this. They want somebody to make it all better. Now.

You can read the whole column HERE.

Labor Day Weekend Begins…

…and for some reason it is very quiet in Shepherdstown. I’m having a post radio show (subbed for John Case this morning) cup of coffee at Mellow Moods, which is practically empty, Not much going on out on German Street, either.

What? Did everyone leave for the weekend?