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So you thought you’d seen everything on eBay…

..but I guess you weren’t ready for J.D.Salinger’s Toilet!

If you have a million bucks you can buy it now!
And shipping is free…..

Krugman sums it up today… there clearly was a predictable housing bubble.

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Wrong To Be Right

Yves Smith says most of what needs to be said about the Boston Fed study saying that nobody could have called the housing bubble. I’d just add that it’s helpful to look at what we knew back when. Here’s a picture from Kash of house prices up to early 2005; by the way, these were OFHEO prices, which most now believe understated the rise, which was better shown by Case-Shiller. But here’s what it looked like, even then:


Given this kind of picture — and given the fact that the late-80s rise in southern California was, in fact, a bubble — how could you not be very worried? And when you looked at the rationalizations for high housing prices being given at the time, it was obvious that they were questionable.

Sorry: the evidence just screamed bubble. No excuses for those who didn’t want to hear it.

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I’m awfully glad we’ve got Krugman to point out when the high-paid experts are full of it.

Make yourself a new T-Shirt, Teabagger!

If you go to I’m Voting Tea Party you can pick up one or more of 11 designs like this one:

Then you can campaign at the top of your lungs just about anywhere and be recognized as one of America’s most …what?…stupid.
Here’s another:

I love these. They just MEAN SO MUCH!

A look at how unemployment has grown in the past 4 years…

… from figures at the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Click on the expand button so it fills your monitor and watch your area of the country. I saw the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia go from 2% to over 10% in the 4 year coverage (which includes me!)… and look at how the whole country changes.

Neither Republicans nor Democrats, nor Tea Baggers, nor anyone else has done anything to solve this problem. So what do we do?

For Ray Bradbury’s 90th Birthday (Warning… this post is rated XXX… if you have language problems, skip it.)

In honor of the Grand Old SciFi Man’s 90th, Here’s Rachel Bloom’s significant piece: “F@*K Me, Ray Bradbury.” Adults only please.

As someone wrote online, I imagine Bradbury is looking at this and saying “Where were you when I was 60?”
Have a nice Birthday, Ray.