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Quote of the Day (Thanks to Deus Ex Malcontent)

“Screw ’em.”

— Joe Scarborough on the GOP if it doesn’t like the fact that he’s defending the proposed Islamic community center near Ground Zero

Josh Marshall sums up the “Ground Zero Mosque” stuff with this piece on Feisal Abdul Rauf…

This must really be a no news day if this is all we have to make big issues around.
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If you have a taste for black comedy, here’s some good stuff. Since the early Bush administration the US State Department has been sending American Imams to Muslim-majority countries around the world to talk about religious pluralism and the glories of practicing Islam in America. Twice the Bush administration sent none other than New York Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the man behind the Cordoba House project, on one of these trips. And now, as I write, he’s on a third trip to the region (specifically Saudi Arabia and a series of Gulf emirates) to tell audiences what it’s like to practice Islam under our regime of religious freedom and equality.
I can just imagine the fun moments with Rauf dispelling the myths of his benighted Saudi listeners about the place of Muslims in the West.
Of course, if you think that Rauf is back there in the Islamic hood to give the locals an update on his work to place America under the rule of Sharia Law, then the comedy may have a different context.
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The next time someone tells you that the Press is Impartial…

…point them at Rupert Murdoch and laugh your head off.

From HuffPo:

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Fox News and Wall Street Journal parent company News Corp donated $1 million to the Republican Governors Association in June, Bloomberg BusinessWeek reported.
The media conglomerate, controlled by Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch, took advantage of the unlimited donations corporations can give to governors’ associations (from Bloomberg BusinessWeek):

The Republicans’ biggest corporate donor was New York-based News Corp. Teri Everett, a spokeswoman, said the company “actively supports organizations that advocate a pro-job, low tax, economic growth agenda.”
News Corp. opposes proposed federal rule changes that would weaken the position of its Fox network in negotiations with cable companies. Governors may have a stake in the issue.
News Corp made the $1 million donation on June 24, according to Politico’s Ben Smith (and a filing).
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