A Quote (from Charlie Rangel) for the Day…

The president wants dignity. Let’s have dignity in this House where the ethics committee means something and that none of you, if the newspapers say anything, will have to wait two years before you can say ‘no comment.’ … I don’t expect answers today. But at the end of the day, somebody, somebody has to do more than wish I go away.”

– Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) responding to those wishing that he resign because of ethics charges.

Charlie dared his critics to kick him out and asked that the ethics charges be expedited. The ethics trial is scheduled to start Sept. 13, a day before Rangel will face his district’s Democratic primary voters.

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  1. Charlie is as guilty of ethics violations as 90% of politicians in Washington, but I think he is being offered up as a sacrifice to give the appearance that the Democrats are willing to prosecute their own.

    He is also being offered up to Republican voters so that GOP candidates can say that Dems are crooks.

    All though I think Maxine Waters is a socialist and should be in public service, her case is similar. Notice the Dems offered up two members of the National Black Caucus? This way they can continue to call Republicans racist.

    The thing that the politicians in Washington have not learned is that the majority of Americans are sick of politics are usual and are going to start replacing them no matter what they do.

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