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Now, That’s a Good Book (via I Tried Being Tasteful…)

If this is a site you haven’t been to before, go now. If you haven’t gotten into ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) this site will stir your interest.


Now, That's a Good Book We dropped by our daughter's house yesterday evening to check on things at her request since she and her family were gone for the weekend.  Current Husband did some watering in their front yard and I brought in their mail and switched some lights off and some others on. As we were closing the front door after finishing our tasks, we had a short conversation.  By way of an explanation, my daughter is way more into religion than I am (see The Ortho … Read More

via I Tried Being Tasteful…

What a Great Idea!

I’ve got to get one of these the next time I go to a crowded movie theatre.
clipped from thedailywh.at
Practical Prank of the Day: Fake food emporium Jeremy’s Place has discovered a pretty clever use for their popular mock-mess item, “Silly Spills.” Simply place the inconsideration of your choice on your seat, and it will miraculously save itself.

Unless some burly dude becomes wise to your shenanigans, and then you’re down ten bucks. And a seat. And your incisors.
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