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McConnell says the Republicans are coming up with a plan…

… but he can’t reveal it now. He wants us to wait until September. So what is this plan going to be? Will it include everything the Republicans have obstructed in the past year:

• Health care… which they said they would repeal

• Approving the new Start Agreement on nuclear missiles between the US and Russia (They will do anything and come up with any basis to deny Barack Obama a political victory of any sort, even when it means leaving the world’s two largest nuclear arsenals free of the mutual agreements that have safeguarded those arsenals for 20 years.)

• Holding off on Unemployment extensions until the very last minute (or later)

• and, of course many more.

In fact, the Filibustering Republicans have broken all records as obstructionists. Take a look:

See what I mean? In one year the Republicans have obstructed EVERYTHING… this is Mitch McConnell and John Boehner’s legacy.

What can we do about it?

First of all, we should not let them get the advance they are planning on in the next election. For that to happen, we have to get everyone out to vote.

Whether that will happen is questionable.

Fun With The Tea Party…

TPM Muckraker gave an amusing recount of this story today… I’m wondering when these Tea Partiers are going to learn anything…
clipped from tpmmuckraker.talkingpointsmemo.com
Plan To Harass Muslims With Dogs At CA Rally Collapses
In the end, the people trying to stop the construction of a mosque in Temecula, California were vastly outnumbered by the crowd welcoming the growth of the Muslim community in Riverside County. Last week, we told you about the plan by some conservatives opposed to the construction of the new mosque to show up over the weekend outside the Temecula-area Muslim group’s current digs to tell those inside they weren’t welcome. To prove the point, the group planned to bring dogs — which one protester characterized as pretty much the Muslims’ mortal enemy, saying that Muslims “hate dogs.”

Here’s how it all turned out: the anti-mosque protesters were outnumbered by pro-mosque supporters, the local tea party disavowed the protest and called it hate speech, the protester we talked to dropped off the face of the earth and only one dog made it to the planned protest.
It was a fittingly unexpected end to an extraordinary tale.
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