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News on the Unemployment Front…

It’s too late for my unemployment (ran out two years ago… that’s why I finally retired), but for a couple of million others it will finally be extended.

This from Truthout:

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Senate Democrats Break Filibuster to Extend Unemployment Benefits

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Senate Democrats defeated a Republican filibuster Tuesday and are expected to pass legislation that will grant a six-month extension of unemployment benefits for an estimated 2.5 million Americans.

The 60-40 vote to break the filibuster and end debate on the bill was expected after Sen. Carte Goodwin (D-West Virginia) was sworn in to replace the late Sen. Robert Byrd (D-West Virginia).

Republicans blocked the legislation three times in as many weeks over concerns about deficit spending. The bill most recently failed to pass the Senate by one vote on June 30.

The House is expected to quickly pass the bill, which will then be sent to President Barack Obama for approval. Obama blasted Republican lawmakers on Monday for stalling the bill, appearing at a press conference with three unemployed workers.

Unemployed Americans have been out of work longer than any other time in history.

Kagan Approved by Senate Judiciary Committee

With a vote of 13 to 6 the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to submit Elena Kagan to the full Congress, where it is expected she will pass her final nomination procedure before taking the Supreme Court seat of the retiring Justice John Paul Stevens.

Lindsey Graham was the only Republican on the Committee to vote in favor of the nomination. Democrats have more than enough votes to confirm Kagan in the full Senate, but it is expected that one or two more Republicans may come in on the vote…but don’t hold your breath.

James Gammon, one of the great character actors, has died…

Character actors at this level are few and far between, so losing someone like James Gammon is a serious problem for contemporary film.

The biggest hit of his career was in “Major League” in 1989 where he played Lou Brown, the flinty but paternalistic manager of the Cleveland Indians, who roar back from last place with a roster of misfits and improbably win the pennant.

Gammon was known in the 1970s for performing in Sam Shepard plays, while at the same time he was doing featured parts in a number of television serials. Shepard’s comment on Gannon was:

“This was a guy who could act circles around most other actors and he never pretended to be other than a working kind of actor.”

Gannon was 70 years old.