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Sitting in Shaharazade’s Listening to Poets Reading

John Case and I sit at a small able listening to poets reading. This is a local group in Shepherdstown… generally older folks… that meets on the first Sunday of the month in this small tea house to read work to each other.

Long poems; short poems; poems about average local life and about art and about history. Neal Martineau read along poem about studying art in Paris with Bonnard.

There are eight or ten poets here to read tonight. The battery died in John’s tape recorder, so we will only have one or two poems being read to use on the radio.

Pickling Day

Today I am experimenting with pickling vegetables. I’ve been gathering spices and shopping for the baby peppers, tiny carrots, pickling cucumbers, cauliflower florets and the rest of my ingredients all week.

Right now I’m getting ready to boil my pickle jars to ward off botulism (isn’t that exciting?) following ancient instructions in our very old copy of The Joy Of Cooking.

I saw someone doing similar stuff on the Food Channel, but I am making my own changes. Sugar, for instance. As a diabetic, I want to avoid sugar, so yesterday I made a tea of stevia leaves in water which I will use instead of sugar. Have to be careful, though, as stevia is much sweeter than sugar (about ten times) so I have to use less.

Once everything is done, the jars will go a few weeks and then they should be ready to eat. I haven’t gone into most of the details here… blanching vegetables, layering spices, etc…. but maybe I’ll get into that later.

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Well, the three big Ball Jars in the picture at the start of this post display the results of my pickling expedition. It looks like everything came out OK (the lids lost their air bubbles and sucked down when I boiled the jars at the end of the process). Now they are sitting on the kitchen windowsill where, sometime in August, we’ll try one.

I have my new MacBook and I’m sitting up tonite loading software…

At some point tomorrow I should be 100% back in business – and with a battery that does 8 hours on a charge! Encroyable!