A life´s value (via Finn Hjalmar´s blog)

Finn left a note on my previous story this morning, so I went to his blog and found this post that relates to the Islamic Law issues of capital punishment, women and the law. I’m also adding Finn’s blog to my Blogroll.
– Bill

What is a life worth? Not particular much in some places. A life for a life, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. The history of mankind is easily listed in this quote from the bible. (Exodus 21:22-25). Human beings have killed, still kills and will kill each other as long as there is human beings on the planet. Animal also kills. But they are much more simpler than us. They kill either in self-defense or to get food. We humans are intelligent … Read More

via Finn Hjalmar´s blog

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  1. “Our house” is as you put it has become smaller during the last years. In Norway where I am from we have a huge immigrations from muslim countries. Many of them are refugees from cruel dictatorships like Iran. Most of them are decent people that have jobs and pay taxes and obey the lows in our country, but they feel stigmatized because of what happens in their home-country. Most muslims is in fact not terrorists. I can understand that these problems seems far away form an american point of wiew, but for us in Europe they are very much present every day

    With respect
    Finn Hjalmar

  2. Well, there’s two kinds of lives. There’s American lives, which are worth a whole lot. And there’s wog lives, like the million or so Iraqis killed either directly by our soldiers or by the disorder we brought to that country, who don’t *really* count because they’re just wogs, not *real* people. And then amongst Americans, there’s white Christian people’s lives, which are worth a whole lot. Then there’s Mexican-American and African-American lives, which aren’t worth a whole lot, indeed, the word “cockroaches” tends to be bandied about in impolite circles. When Mexican-American and AA young men get the death penalty here in the USA, which happens far more often than happens for white people and typically is accompanied by much proprietorial and police misconduct as well as inadequate representation from incompetent court-appointed attorneys, the typical American shrugs and says “no big deal.” Because, after all, they’re darkies. Untermenschen. Mere unseemly mud people. Not *real* people, like you and me.

    I suppose what I’m saying is that I’m more interested in getting our own house in order than in demonizing another people that is doing pretty much the same sick crap we’re doing…

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