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Quote for the Day – Bob Herbert’s Saturday column said it all

“We’ve been in Afghanistan for nearly a decade already. It’s one of the most corrupt places on the planet and the epicenter of global opium production. Our ostensible ally, President Hamid Karzai, is convinced that the U.S. cannot prevail in the war and is in hot pursuit of his own deal with the enemy Taliban. The American public gave up on the war long ago, and it is not at all clear that President Obama’s heart is really in it.

For us to even consider several more years of fighting and dying in Afghanistan — at a cost of heaven knows how many more billions of American taxpayer dollars — is demented. “

– Bob Herbert in the NY Times.

“Demented” is the operative word here. There is no way out. It costs us more every day. It kills our servicemen. It supports a corrupt system. And it has become Obama’s property.

What will the American People do to turn this around? Probably nothing.

Senator Robert Byrd Dead at 92

The senator’s office announced that he passed away at 3 a.m. this morning at a Fairfax, VA,  hospital.  He was serving an unprecedented ninth term in the U.S. Senate.

First elected to the House in 1952 and the Senate six years later, the fiery West Virginia Democrat known for his oratory

Not all organic food is “organic”

Here’s a clip about food imported from China… Click on the pri.org address for more.

This post is presented in cooperation with Panhandle Vegan.

clipped from www.pri.org
Think those “organic” strawberries from China are better for environment? Think again.

The organic label is meant to signify that a food is relatively environmentally friendly: Organic producers are forbidden from using many synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. When that organic food comes from China, that label may not mean much.
“When I see organic food from China, I question,” environmental journalist Michael Pollan told PRI’s The World, “how organic is it?” Organics are a $26 billion industry in the United States, and an increasing amount of that is coming from China. Pollan points out, “organic is a very big global business now. People don’t realize it.”
A Chinese grocery chain owner who spoke with Global Post estimated that “maybe 30 percent of farms that put the organic label on their food produce the real thing.”
Consumers should look beyond the label and consider the real environmental cost of their foods.
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