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Isn’t Stephen Colbert Great?!

This hits BP right where we live.

I just read this when I got on line a few minutes ago – Senator Byrd has been hospitalized.

This was posted by Nathan Empsall at MyDD.com.
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Senator Byrd Hospitalized

From The Hill:
Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.) has been admitted to a Washington-area hospital and is in “seriously ill” condition, his office said in a news release Sunday.
The statement said that Byrd, 92, “was admitted to the hospital late last week suffering from what was believed to be heat exhaustion and severe dehydration as a result of the extreme temperatures.” The region has experienced a stretch of temperatures in the 90s with high humidity.
Byrd’s office said he was not expected to remain in the hospital more than a few days, but “other conditions have developed which has resulted in his condition being described as ‘serious.'”
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Looking over the problems we’ve covered in the past few months…

It’s getting so that time has to be sorted out among things which are all terribly important.  The difficulty here is that almost all of the things require majority participation in one form or another… and if your time is focused on one thing, it’s hard to find time for all the others.

Here goes:

1.) Problems with GMOs in foods

2.) Dangerous pollution from the Gulf Oil Spill

3.) Problems with the Military and just being at War in Afghanistan and Iraq

4.) Tea Baggers

5.) Our Disastrous Economy

6.)Republican plans to repeal Health Care advance

7.) Our relationship with Israel as they step on Palestine

8.) More GMO problems as Monsanto takes over the agriculture seed industry

9.) Wall Streets fight against financial reform

10.) Religion against Global Warming

…and that’s just part of it, It would help if you let me know which things you want to focus on here at Under The LobsterScope. Leave a comment