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If you can get HBO, then you have to see Gasland, a documentary film by Josh Fox about the natural gas industry and especially how “frac” mining in porous shale with highly toxic chemicals is polluting the water supply (air supply, too) in many places around the country. If you can’t get HBO, go to the Gasland web site at http://gaslandthemovie.com and get the information… and write your congressfolk after you do.

Elly and I got very upset watching the movie as most of West Virginia is built on the Marcellus Shale, one of the prime areas where Fracing is making the water undrinkable (and flammable). Shepherdstown is slightly removed from the area, but shale is porous and this could spread from New York state into the south with us in the middle.

The film goes into related natural gas drilling problems in Texas, the far west, the mid west and other areas… so much of the US is affected that it is amazing this is the first time a film like this has been made.

New York State is working on an anti-fracing measure and it is hoped that Charles Shumer is going to bring it national. Like the oil industry, however, there are a handful of high-paid lobbyists for each and every lawmaker and the industry has extreme power (and tight relations, it appears, with Dick Cheney.)

Anyway… I’ll get more out on this later. What we needed was one more miserable issue to get into… but this one hits me at home.

Cartoon(s) of the Week – lots of choices, hard decision

Under The LobsterScope has been showing the winning editorial cartoons for several years every weekend. I  do the selection by collecting my favorites all week long…going through fifty to a hundred samples – and some weeks it is hard to make a decision.

This week I have seventeen finalists to go through… which is what I will do before I put up the post. With luck, I’ll cut the selection down to three… this isn’t a week that will end up with one.

Here we go:

Bruce Plante in the Tulsa World:

…at least someone gets his wish out of the BP mess…

– and –

Bob Englehart in The Hartford Courant:

… looks like Pensacola will lose its tourist income this year…

– and –

Jim Morin in the Miami Herald:

… had to do at least one Cartoon on the McChrystal affair…

– and –

Just an extra for fans of the World Cup…

Tom Toles in the Washington Post:

… this could change political noise forever.