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In 2004 I started Under The LobsterScope during the election season. For six years I have presented the best liberal-oriented material I could find and my own comments on politics and the arts (and a few other subjects).

I need your support to keep this blog going… when I started I was employed and well-paid, but, as a result of the Bushified economy, I have been more-or-less unemployed for three years. Spending five or six hours a day on a blog is actually an expensive process – when I’m working here, I’m not out hustling freelance jobs or looking for real employment. So I’m asking if you will donate at least $5.00 to Under the LobsterScope. If you do, you get my picture font,Bill’s Universal Symbols (worth $29.95) , absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.

That’s it. $5.00 or more and I will send you this font (partial sample below) which is not available ANYWHERE ELSE (except, of course, on my UTF Type Foundry site.).

Even a small donation of $1 or $2 helps (although $5 helps a whole lot more.) The amount is up to you. We accept contributions through PayPal and the credit/debit cards shown below.

Remember…All contributors of $5.00 or more receive a copy of my Picture Font, Bill’s Universal Symbols (I send you the versions for both Macs and PCs, plus a handy keyboard chart). As I said, I regularly sell this font for $29.95.

This offer is for a very limited time. Come July, Bill’s Universal Symbols comes off the Free list.

I appreciate those of you who have come on board every time I’ve put up a new Free Font and hope more of you will join in. Previous donors have received two Free Fonts, Bill’s Cast O’Characters and Bill’s Century Marks. Since several have come back again, it is clear what a good deal this is.

So please click on the “Donate” button below:

Bill T.

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Retired Theatre Producer, Graphic Designer, Usability Tester and General Troubleshooter with a keen interest in Politics and The Stage. Currently heard on WSHC, 89.7 FM (on line at and occasionally dabbling in Community Theatre.

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  1. Hmmm…I’m confused. If you “regularly sell” your font images for $29.95, then it would seem that you would do much better to continue selling them than to solicit $5 donations. Also, since you have been offering to give those fonts away in exchange for $5 for quite a while now, I’m curious who is buying them for $30–isn’t price discrimination a distinctly, non-liberal sentiment?

    Let me see if I understand the sales pitch here…You don’t have a job. You haven’t HAD a job for three years. By your own admission, you spend 5-6 HOURS A DAY writing this blog instead of trying to become gainfully employed. You spend most of THAT time complaining about capitalism and unemployment. As a result, you want others to fund your absence from the job-market by engaging in Capitalistic commerce with you for your wing-dings. You know, Now I can tell why you’re in favor of income redistribution. I would be too if I were you.

    • John (I take it you are Ayn Rand’s John Gault, but since you require a pseudonym I will address you by it):
      I hope I can un-confuse you.
      1.) I regularly sell about 20 fonts at my UTF site ( $29 or so… have for years. Since I own the rights to them, I can pick one every couple of months and offer it as a bonus for people who contribute $5.00 or more to Under The LobsterScope. Folks who don’t get them in this way, and who decide a couple of months from now that they really need, say, Bill’s Universal Symbols, will end up paying full price.

      2.) BTW, the average donation to this blog is $20.00, well above the $5.00 required to get the font. What do ou think? Maybe there are folks who really like the blog.

      3.) While I haven’t had full-time employment in 3 years or so, I have no problem getting projects and part time gigs, which keep me going. I’d prefer to be working full time, since there is much less hustling to do. However, at age 64, there are not a lot of companies doing regular hires… and U have no intention of being a minimum wage WalMart door greeter.

      4.) I didn’t realize I spent most of my time complaining about Capitalism. I thought I spent most of my time complaining about Republicans and the great America they have brought us over the past 25 years. But now that you mention it, there are much better economic systems that we might get into. As I recall, we have only been stuck with Capitalism since Andrew Carnegie and his like began inflicting it on us back in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. I wish we’d learn our lesson and get over it (BP is a Capitalist operation, No?)

      Well, thanks for checking in with your opinion. I’d link to your site, but I don’t think you want me to.

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