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Ruminations V (via Chimaera)

Makes me remember how much I dislike Applebees and what it (and chains like it) does to destroy the character of neighborhoods.

Ruminations V Applebees: your neighborhood restaurant.  We love neighborhoods.  That's why we strive to make every neighborhood exactly the same, so that you can enjoy it wherever you are, regardless of your regional preferences.  Also, by "neighborhood," we mean "strip mall." —- Saw some recent graduates driving around.  This is a good, or at lea … Read More

via Chimaera

Greed Vs. Safety

It always thrills me to hear that we knew what would happen after it does. Here;s the start of a McClatchy article… go read all of it HERE.
clipped from www.mcclatchydc.com

Feds knew of Gulf spill risks in 2000, document shows

A decade ago, U.S. government regulators warned that a major deepwater oil spill could start with a fire on a drilling rig, prove hard to stop and cause extensive damage to fish eggs and wetlands because there were few good ways to capture oil underwater.

The disaster scenario — contained in a May 2000 offshore drilling plan for the Shell oil company that McClatchy has obtained — is now a grim reality in the Gulf of Mexico. Less predictably, perhaps, the author of the document was the Interior Department’s Minerals Management Service, the regulatory agency that’s come under withering criticism in the wake of the BP spill for being too cozy with industries it was supposed to be regulating.

The 2000 warning, however, indicates that some federal regulators were well aware of the potential hazards of deepwater oil production in its early years, experts and former MMS officials told McClatchy.

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