Israeli Conservatives strike back with a satirical video:

Note from Bill:

This is taken from an article in Salon this morning.

Alex Pareene is the reporter who states:

Hebrew-language “satire” website Latma produced a funny web video about the deadly raid by Israeli commandos on an aid flotilla headed for Gaza in which 9 activists, including an American citizen, were killed. The video is a laugh riot, especially if you love Israeli Jews dressing up as dead Palestinians and Muslims (and British and American activists) and singing funny songs:

If this upsets you (when I read Pareene’s article and analyze the source of all this, I am more or less disgusted with the Israeli right wing) then take some time and think about what may be done to end this crap. You can write to the organizations involved, or to President Obama, and suggest that we, as Americans, support someone other than Netanyahu to lead Israel.

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  1. We, as in America, have no more right to tell Israel who their leaders should be than Israel has to tell the Palestinians who their leaders should be. If the Israelis want NuttyYahoo as their leader, so be it.

    That said: What is it about conservatives that find dead bodies so friggin’ funny? Whether it’s Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, or these jerks, talk about a regular laugh riot (not)…

    • The fact that there are a significant number of Israelis who DON’T want Netanyahu and who are scared to death over what he is getting them into has to mean something.

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