Some “Ashes To Ashes” Fun

I’ve been tooling around BBC sites to get a sense of how Season 3 of Ashes To Ashes went (especially since we’re still getting Season 2 here in the USA)… it just ended in England the other night and from what I’ve read on line it is a strange end to the series which involves leftover info from Life On Mars (my favorite and this series’ 16 episode preface) and a resounding summation of the whole future for dead cops.

Anyway, BBC One has blacked out the episode videos for us over here, thinking we won’t watch it on BBC America when they decide to put it on. Damn fools, those Limeys.

Anyway, I found this promo that you 80s Rock Fans will get a kick out of… with Alex, Gene, Ray and Chris, too.

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  1. Ahhhh, Life on Mars. I loved that series too. It excited the mind every week and it was oh so brief. Why did it disappear, do you know?

    • It seems to be the nature of British series that they are of , what I might call a “reasonable length”. Life on Mars lasted two season, a total of 16 episodes, and followed a plot line which worked to a climactic ending. It’s popularity (and especially the popularity of the Gene Hunt character) led to Ashes To Ashes, now in its second season on BBC America, and just finished it’s third and final season on BBC One… we’ll get it next year, I guess. It, too, works toward a climactic ending over 24 episodes (I won’t give the end away, although I defied the BBC, who is keeping the season 3 episodes blocked off to Americans right now, and got all the details from friends and commentary sites over there.) It’s a doozy, too.

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