Filibuster Number Three

For the third time, the Republicans in the Senate have Filibustered the opportunity to get the new Wall Street reform bill debated.

Harry Reid, commenting on today’s Republican stonewalling:

“All the talk by Republicans about wanting to do something about this bill before it gets on the floor is really anti-Senate, anti-American. It appears they’re more concerned about taking care of the fat cats on Wall Street.”

Commenting on the situation, Senator Claire McCaskill, outlined what the Democratic strategy would likely be to get debate to the floor:

“I think we’re going to go all night. I think we’ve made the decision that this is important enough that we’re going to stay up through the night and ask continually the Republicans to allow us to debate this bill out and open in front of the public. We need transparency on Wall Street, we ought to start right here in Washington.”

So keep an eye on the Senate tonight (good night to flick back and forth to C-Span 2 to see who will give in.

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