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Let’s see if this really happens (it was released to the AP 15 minutes ago)

OK… now that we have filibustered three times, perhaps the Republicans will let it get to 60 votes now (the vote to JUST get it on the floor for debate). Last vote was 56 to 42.

This clip from HuffPo:

clipped from www.huffingtonpost.com


WASHINGTON — Senate Republicans are prepared to end their stalling tactics on new banking regulations and will attempt to change the bill on the Senate floor, Republican officials said.
Sen. Richard Shelby, the top Republican on the Senate Banking committee, said he has assurances that Democrats will adjust his banking regulation bill to address concerns that it perpetuates bailouts.
The concession sets the stage for Republicans to withdraw objections that have stalled the bill in the Senate.
The agreement does not bridge other significant differences between the parties on the bill.
Democrats tried three times to begin debate on the bill only to be thwarted by Republican opposition. Democrats branded the Republicans as Wall Street allies.

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Filibuster Number Three

For the third time, the Republicans in the Senate have Filibustered the opportunity to get the new Wall Street reform bill debated.

Harry Reid, commenting on today’s Republican stonewalling:

“All the talk by Republicans about wanting to do something about this bill before it gets on the floor is really anti-Senate, anti-American. It appears they’re more concerned about taking care of the fat cats on Wall Street.”

Commenting on the situation, Senator Claire McCaskill, outlined what the Democratic strategy would likely be to get debate to the floor:

“I think we’re going to go all night. I think we’ve made the decision that this is important enough that we’re going to stay up through the night and ask continually the Republicans to allow us to debate this bill out and open in front of the public. We need transparency on Wall Street, we ought to start right here in Washington.”

So keep an eye on the Senate tonight (good night to flick back and forth to C-Span 2 to see who will give in.

Off to Frederick for a Job Interview this morning…

…Second one in two days. Maybe things are starting to turn around. I thought yesterday’s interview went pretty well, but I would prefer this company in Frederick… much closer to work at.

I’ll be back to the blog around lunch time if not before.