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Politico reports on 4 Democratic Senators who are challenging Facebook…

This is the beginning of an article… you can read the whole thing HERE.
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Democratic senators: Facebook not protecting users

Four Democratic senators expressed concern Tuesday that Facebook is not being careful to protect the privacy of its users.

New York’s Charles Schumer, Colorado’s Michael Bennet, Alaska’s Mark Begich and Minnesota’s Al Franken have sent a letter to Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg detailing their worries.

“While Facebook provides a valuable service to users by keeping them connected with friends and family and reconnecting them with long-lost friends and colleagues, the expansion of Facebook – both in the number of users and applications – raises new concerns for users who want to maintain control over their information,” the senators wrote.

Sens. Al Franken (left) and Chuck Schumer were among the  four Democrats who penned a worried letter to Facebook's CEO.

The Democrats focused on three issues of concern: Publicly available data, third party data storage and instant personalization.

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Europe as Marge Simpson

I found this the other day and realized how symbolic marge Simpson is.

I’ll never think of Europe in the same way again.
Click on the graphic to see it at full size.