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I just had a laugh watching Dylan Ratigan

I know… I watch Dylan to hear him argue with guests he disagrees with. It’s often the most entertaining thing on Television.

Today however he steered me to my search engine when he brought up a company in Minnesota that sells a “long tail” T-shirt to combat “Plumber’s Butt” (of course he showed some backside shots of plumbers exposed!)… and came up with the Duluth Trading Company.

Their best deal is a long tail shirt in a “Crack Spackle Bucket”, tu wit:

Crack Spackle Bucket contains one Longtail T

An ideal gag gift, the “Crack Spackle” bucket contains our Short-sleeve Longtail T® which has gained worldwide attention as the solution to Plumber’s Butt. The 5.9-oz. 100% cotton T-shirt is 3″ longer than most, keeping everything completely covered, even when bending over. Complete instructions on how to use the Longtail T® included. “Love the Crack Spackle. Funniest damn thing!” wrote one delighted Duluth customer. A sure hit for any holiday or birthday.

So if your plumber has a birthday coming up, here’s a neat gift.

Does it worry you if the current Supreme Court gets into Health Care?

Here’s part of an article on HuffPo… not sure if I’m happy to see it. I just don’t trust that Court not to try and legislate from the Bench.


clipped from www.huffingtonpost.com
WASHINGTON — Justice Stephen Breyer predicted Thursday that the Supreme Court will one day pass judgment on this year’s health care overhaul.
Breyer told a congressional panel that the massive health care law, like most major federal legislation, is a good candidate for high court review.

Supreme Court Health Care
More than a dozen Republican attorneys general in several states are determined to challenge the law in federal court, arguing that its requirement that Americans get health insurance is unconstitutional.
Breyer said the court’s relatively light caseload in recent years will soon be a thing of the past.
“I’d predict that three, four years from today, no one’s going to ask us again why we have so few cases,” Breyer said at a hearing on the court’s budget before the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government.
Lawmakers also quizzed the justices about allowing cameras in the courtroom.
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I’ve set up a new blog for my fonts…

So many of you have asked how to get the picture fonts I offer from time to time for donations to Under The LobsterScope, and to see ones I haven’t shown here, that I have felt the need to set up a blog to show and sell them.

If you are interested (and this is something that graphic artists, designers and folks doing page layouts can really benefit from), go to UTF Type Foundry. There are only  few there now, but I will be adding one or two new samples every day.

– Bill