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Republicans are lining up to strip us of our Health Care benefits…

Two things:
1. It’s another one of Gillibrand’s challengers out…
2. Targeting Health Care repeal will easily kill Pataki for future political gain.

This from TPM:

clipped from tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com

Former New York Gov. George Pataki (R) says he won’t challenge Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D) for her Senate seat this fall.

Pataki will instead form a national organization aimed at repealing health care reform law, he told the Wall Street Journal. The organization is called Revere America.

Revere America, he said, will launch in Boston this Sunday, the anniversary of Paul Revere’s ride. Its first effort will be to collect one million signatures on a petition to repeal the reform law, Pataki said, and the group will aim to raise $17.5 million in its first year.

He also demurred on whether he’d run for president in 2012.

“It’s way too early for anyone to make a decision unequivocally that they will or will not run,” he said.

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Let’s carry the underlying message in this morning’s quote a little farther…

As I thought about Florida Rep. Ted Deutch’s quote in my previous post this morning, I also recalled a discussion I heard either on Olbermann or Rachel Maddow last night ( I really wasn’t looking at who was talking, but was lying flat on my back after taking a pain killer for my cracked ribs) in which a Republican said he was really in agreement on the nuclear decisions that the President had come to, but in terms of voting for the treaty with the Russians he would probably have to vote NO. The reason? Because the Party Leaders are insistent on not supporting anything the President does prior to the November elections.

The goal is, still, to make the current Administration a failure.

This is very upsetting to hear at this point, since Obama has been making such real accomplishments that it is clear even the Republican individuals actually realize it and, often, agree with The President on many of his views. That the Republicans have chosen through their leadership (and here we must single out Boehner and McConnell as the Elected Leadership, plus Gingrich and Palin as the Unelected Leadership) to barrage the Press and public with anti-positions to every Obama pro-position, that they can maintain that there is public support for the Righties in November.

And there are polls… polls which don’t seem to agree with actual votes when they happen… polls which have a lean to one side or the other before they are carried out and evaluated. It has stopped me from looking at polls altogether.

Before Ted Deutch winning his special election, it was clear to all the world tht a Republican would take that seat. So, lo and behold, what happened? Did the constituents (especially the retired seniors who are the weight of Deutch’s district) realize that they are actually protected b the new Health Care law… that they are likely to save money..that there is no Death Panel to report to?

And won’t the rest of America realize what they got from the Health Care Law, and from Obama’s other successes,  when they go to the polls in November. I think there is going to be a surprise for both the Republicans and the Press.

A Quote for the Day

“We’ve heard for months that tonight … is a referendum on health care, it’s a referendum on the administration, it’s a referendum on what direction this country is going. Let me tell you something, what we learned today is that in Broward County and Palm Beach County, Florida, the Democratic Party is alive and well.”

– Democrat Ted Deutch, who defeated Republican opponent Ed Lynch in a special election to fill the seat of former Florida Rep. Robert Wexler.

When they tell you that the Republicans are going to retake Congress because of the Health Care Bill, they should take a look at the first contest since the law was passed. Deutch shows tha Democrats can win BECAUSE of the Health Care bill’s passage!