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April is the Last Month that my Century Marks font will be available for FREE…

…when you help support Under The LobsterScope.

I usually sell Bill’s Century Marks for $29.95, but until April 30th I will be sending it out for FREE to anyone who makes a contribution of $5.00 or more to Under The LobsterScope, the blog of Politics and The Arts.

Unlike many other blogs that ask for a few bucks, I send you a free, quality picture font (see Sample below) for a donation of $5.00 or more… not available ANYWHERE ELSE.

Even a small donation of $1 or $2 would help (although $5 helps a whole lot more.) The amount is up to you. We accept contributions through PayPal and the credit/debit cards shown below.

All contributors of $5.00 or more receive a copy of my Picture Font, Bill’s Century Marks in versions for BOTH Macs and PC, plus a handy keyboard chart.

In May, I will be putting Bill’s Century Marks back in the “for sale only” and I will make a new font available. Over the past few months many of you have come on board with an average donation of $10.00 and were sent and for those of you $5-Plus donors who received our last Free Font, Bill’s Cast O’Characters, I hope you are enjoying it. I know it is a picture font I use all the time.

So please click on the “Donate” button below:

Bill T.

I have accidently upset my job hunting…

Lately I have been spending my afternoons in the Mellow Moods cafe in Shepherdstown, which is the Best WiFi location in town and doing my job search with coffee. I run into all kinds of people while doing this, so I started carrying my camera with me. Behold one of the results:

The other day I secured a job interview opportunity while nursing my coffee along at this downtown location. Exciting.

I never got there… the night before last, while Elly was at a teacher’s conference in Baltimore for a couple of days, I was changing  the battery in a smoke detector (ceiling location of course) when I lost my balance and fell off the second step of the ladder, bumping my side on a corner wall when I hit the ground.

This has left me with an awful pain when I cough or breathe or walk, so I started in on a program of painkillers and a heating pad alternating with ice. This morning I felt about 30% better, but still not in great shape… so I had to reschedule my interview for two days from now. Hopefully, if I stay relatively still (despite dog walking, dog feeding, etc.) for those days I wil get to about a 60% recovery feeling (I’ve had aches and pains from falling before) and will be able to do the interview.

Meanwhile I haven’t felt that interested in sitting and typing into the blog… when I feel better I’ll be back t my 5 or so posts per day.