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New attacks on Democrats supporting Health Care Plan?

clipped from gothamist.com

Update: White Powder Sent to Rep. Weiner with Note about Health Care
[UPDATE BELOW] A health care reform opponent sent a letter containing a suspicious white powder to outspoken health care reform supporter Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Kew Gardens district office, according to police scanner reports. Wire dispatches indicate that nine people are being decontaminated after potential exposure to the substance, which was sent in a letter “making reference to President Obama’s healthcare reform bill.”
Since the health care reform vote passed the House on Sunday, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer told Politico that some Democratic lawmakers have faced threats of violence.
Talking Points Memo has posted a handy map highlighting reports of “vandalism and threats against Democrats.”
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Here’s the Update:

(4:15 p.m.): In a statement issued to the media, Weiner confirmed that his staff had been sent a suspicious substance, and noted that his Kew Gardens office will remain closed until law enforcement officials finish their investigation:

Earlier today an envelope containing white powder and a threatening letter was delivered to my community office in Kew Gardens. The NYPD was immediately alerted and have responded appropriately by sending a Haz-Mat team. Any questions related to their response should be directed to the NYPD. My first priority is the safety of my staff and neighbors, and the authorities are currently taking steps to investigate and resolve the situation.

A Quote for the Day – All the stalls in getting the Health Care Bill through reflects on Republicans…

…and as we look forward to upcoming issues and elections:

“The ace we have in our pocket is the Republican party. The Republicans have concluded that their success lies in our failure. The American people are smart. They smell a rat. They know there was nothing about trying to get a better bill.”

– VP Joe Biden being interviewed on Fox.

Thank you, Mock Paper Scissors…

…for presenting the Best Commercial Ever.

I couldn’t agree more… this made my morning (also appreciated MPS’s comparison to the Republicans and their current childishness in getting a shutdown of Congress every day at 2:00 PM.)

Robert Culp dies at age 79

This was unexpected.

Television actor Robert Culp (I Spy, with Bill Cosby,  and other programs) was rushed to Queen of Angels Hospital on Wednesday morning after falling outside his Hollywood home, authorities said. He was pronounced dead shortly after arrival, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Culp suffered a fatal blow to the head after falling while taking a walk and was found by a jogger who called 911. Paramedics, patrol officers and detectives responded to the scene.

Police report says this was purely accidental.

The Byrd Rule – Senate Parliamentarian rules that Health Care Bill must go back to the House…

Now it is up to Nancy Pelosi to get the Public Option back in. It looks like the votes may be there in the House.

Here’s a clip. but the whole article is worth reading:

clipped from www.huffingtonpost.com

Senate Republicans succeeded early Thursday morning in finding two flaws in the House-passed health care reconciliation package. Neither is of any substance, but the Senate parliamentarian informed Democratic leaders that both are in violation of the Byrd Rule.

One is related to Pell Grants and the other makes small technical corrections. Why they’re in violation of the Byrd Rule doesn’t matter; the upshot is that Republicans will succeed in at least slightly altering the legislation, which means that the House is once again required to vote on it. With no substantial changes, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) should have little problem assembling the same coalition of 220 Democrats who passed the measure Sunday night. That’s already four more than the minimum 216 required for passage.

But the ruling might give Democrats another option — the public one.

The Senate is now free to put to the test that much-debated question of whether 50 votes exist for a public option.
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Rachel Maddow has been covering the violence being aimed at Democrats by folks from the Right…

… and John Boehner doesn’t come off all that well.

Take a look:

It’s 1:40 in the AM and the Senate is still in session…

As usual, I can’t sleep in the middle of the night, so I came downstairs and turned on CSPAN2 and, Lo and Behold, the Senate is still in action voting down Republican amendments to the Reconciliation bill.

If this is a political technique being pushed by the Repubs, I can’t see how it benefits them… aside from keeping a bunch of old men from getting their sleep. Perhaps that’s it… maybe they will make a mistake, vote in one tiny amendment and send the Rec bill back to the House for a longer stall.

Then again, Republicans need sleep, too… maybe they are screwing themselves.