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Even when the current Health Care Bill passes, folks will still be seeking the Public Option…

Harry Reid seems sincere in saying he’ll bring up a separate vote on it later.

Here’s a clip from a HuffPo article:

clipped from www.huffingtonpost.com

Hoping to assuage progressive Democrats who remain disappointed with the content of the health care reform bill, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) committed on Friday to holding a separate vote on a public option in the coming months.
In a letter to two of his more progressive colleagues in the Senate — Jeff Merkley of Oregon and Bernie Sanders of Vermont — the Nevada Democrat implicitly apologized for his inability to get a government-run insurance plan into the final piece of health care legislation and promised to keep working to get the policy into law.
“Nevertheless, like you, I remain committed to pursuing the public option. While I believe that the legislation we are considering does much to provide affordable coverage to millions of Americans and curb insurance company abuses, I also believe that the public option would provide additional competition to make insurance even more affordable.”
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Here’s the Situation Maker for the weekend…

Rollcall has just put out this notice:
clipped from www.rollcall.com

House Democratic Caucus Heading to Meet With Obama on Saturday

The entire House Democratic Caucus will meet with President Barack Obama at the White House on Saturday afternoon, one day before the chamber is set to vote on the health care overhaul, a White House aide said Friday.

The Caucus will meet with the president at 4 p.m., the aide said.

There had been some talk that Obama might come to the Hill to meet with Members before they cast their final vote on health care, but now it appears the president is bringing the Caucus to him.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) will also attend the meeting.

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March 24th is Ada Lovelace Day

If you want to celebrate Women on the Internet with a new T-Shirt, go HERE.

Obama’s Last Address Before the Vote on Health Care

This morning at George Mason University, President Obama did about half an hour supporting the Health Care legislation.

Here he is:

Cartoon(s) of the Week – I had two favorites.

Bob Englehart in The Hartford Courant:

Don’t Criticize Judges. They Bite.

Clay Jones in the Fredericksburg Free Lance – Star:

History in the Sight of God! Goodbye Reality.

“Medicare You Can Buy Into”… I like that.

Check out the article reproduced in OpEd News that shows support for the Public Option through Reconciliation.

Here’s a clip… there’s much more:

clipped from www.opednews.com

Health care reform poised to pass; 41 senators support public option
The White House predicted today that the president’s health care
reform plan will pass the House this week and, in a related development,
even the public option is looking like a very real possibility.
Robert Gibbs, the president’s press secretary, warned Republicans
that if they make health care an issue in the November elections, “they
do so at their own peril.”
“Make my day,” senior White House political advisor David Axelrod
said. “Let’s have that fight. I’m ready to have that – and every member
of Congress ought to be willing to have that debate as well.”
As of today, meanwhile, 41 Senators had either signed or issued
statements of support for a letter to Majority Leader Harry Reid urging
passage of the Public Option through reconciliation.
The Public Option Act, as it is officially
named, is being called the Medicare You Can Buy Into Act by lawmakers.
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