No Conan to watch this week

It’s unfortunate that I don’t have Conan O’Brien to watch this week… and even if he makes a deal with another network it won’t be until next September according to his agreement with NBC, the world’s dumbest network.

I don’t really like Leno… but at least there’s Letterman, followed by Craig Ferguson. That makes up a decent late evening.

Somehow, I think Conan won in the competition that went on for the last couple of weeks, and not just because of the $40,000,000.00 deal. If he goes to Fox or somewhere else in September, he’ll take a lot of us with him.

  • (Cartoon  copyright: Joseph Borzotta, for use, call: 201-981-2395)


UPDATE: Tuesday morning. Just to make a correction. There is no NEW Conan to watch. Last night they showed a rerun from August. I guess this will go on until March 1.

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  1. Conan has a 7 mo no compete clause. I’m a longtime Letterman fan, but I think Craig Ferguson is an absolute riot. Now HE would make a fantastic host for the Oscars!

    • I certainly agree with you there. Craig is fearless, inventive and funny as hell… and doesn’t take after any of the other late night talkers. Just the things he does at the beginning of the show when he walks up to the camera so closely that you KNOW he is talking just to you sets him apart.

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