Uganda is being criticized by the world for its proposed anti-homosexual law…

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Since the international media began reporting on and criticizing a bill proposing the death penalty for some gays in Uganda, President Yoweri Museveni has found himself in a difficult position on the world stage.
Mr. Museveni said, “It’s a foreign policy issue, and we must handle it in a way that does not compromise our principles but also takes into account our foreign policy interests.”
“The prime minister of Canada came to see me and what was he talking about? Gays. [UK] Prime Minister Gordon Brown came to see me and what was he talking about? Gays. Mrs Clinton [the U.S. Secretary of State] rang me. What was she talking about? Gays.”
Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda, Uganda’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, told reporters, “There has been a gross-misunderstanding, because [the anti-gay bill] is not a government sponsored bill, this is a private member of Parliament who proposed a bill.” He added, “The government has not taken a formal position of the matter.”
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The thing that is most disturbing to this blogger is:

Evidence has recently surfaced that this unduly harsh, anti-gay bill may have some roots in America, particularly in the fundamentalist Christian community. Mr. Museveni, a key African ally to these fundamentalist interests, has previously said that homosexuality is a European corruption of Africa. While the three-term Ugandan president seems to have had a change of heart, it likely has more to do with money than an actual moral epiphany. But that’s politics.

This “change of heart”, however seems to mean only that the death penalty may be removed. The proposed law is not going away.

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  1. its interesting that although african blacks suffered terrible persecution for 1700 years because of a extreme unreasoned belief in a scripture in leviticus(old testament)”make slaves from the surrounding countries for life to be passed on your children as inheritance”, they have now(led by their churches) chosen to embrace another scripture of that same book with their own unreasoned extreme belief to persecute gays.

    It’s also interesting that the majority of black churches in this country support in varying degrees, this same position.

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