A Mark Fiore animation for a Friday Afternoon:

Learn to Speak Teabag:

Now you’re ready to join the right.

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Retired Theatre Producer, Graphic Designer, Usability Tester and General Troubleshooter with a keen interest in Politics and The Stage. Currently heard on WSHC, 89.7 FM (on line at www.897wshc.org) and occasionally dabbling in Community Theatre.

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  1. Socialist! Nazi! Death panels! You betcha (wink wink!).

    I think I just exhausted the vocabulary of Tea Bag, but a simple people deserve a simple language, so …

    – Badtux the Amused Penguin

  2. Great! Now there’s a language easier to learn than pig Latin. And it makes about as much sense. Surely, it’s a linguist’s dream come true.

  3. Thanks for that one Bill.

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