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What is it about Republicans?

Do they live in a parallel universe?

News of the Not Quite Serious…

Here’s something to start your Wednesday morning with:

clipped from www.tressugar.com

Military Wives Support Their Troops With Stripteases

Military wives wanting to surprise their returning husbands don’t enter the bedroom unprepared— they’re going to burlesque basic training first.

Taught by a former professional stripper and current military wife, Operation Bombshell travels around the country offering military women lessons in sexy striptease. The students take it seriously, the New York Times reports, arriving in gym clothes and cross trainers.

After being separated by yearlong tours in Afghanistan, military wives hope these routines will jumpstart their sex lives. Would you learn some burlesque moves to bring to the bedroom, or would you have a hard time keeping a straight face as you performed?

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