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When you get older, your memory goes…

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Flashback of the Day

When Sen. Al Franken objected to Sen. Joe Lieberman’s request for additional time, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said that in his 20-plus years in the Senate he had never heard a senator do that before.

However, a Political Wire reader sends this excerpt from the Congressional Record from October 10, 2002:

The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Senator’s time has expired.

Mr. DAYTON. I ask for unanimous consent that I have 30 seconds more to finish my remarks.

Mr. McCAIN. I object.

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Thanks to Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire… does anyone anywhere think a slimeball like McCain is remotely believable any more?

Saturday Morning Senate Update – Republicans are being, well, pricks.

Here we are ending the second hour of this morning’s Senate jollities on C-Span and one thing has been accomplished: The defense spending bill passed 88 to 10.

That was followed by the Majority Leader submitting his awaited amendment to the Health Care Bill which he presented and, as is usual with every amendment presented, requested that the reading be waived. The Minority Leader objected… this is a stalling tactic, since it means the Clerk must read out the whole amendment to the Senate before anything can be discussed. This will, it seems, take a couple of hours.

When the Republicans pulled this stunt on Bernie Sanders the other day when he submitted his Single-Payer amendment, he finally withdrew the amendment after an hour or so of reading… I don’t think Reid will pull his out, so we are stuck in place as the reading goes on.

This is a good time to get on every Republican Senator’s website, find their phone numbers, and keep their staffs swamped with complaint calls. I don’t think they know we are watching and we should make ourselves heard.

Getting Into Zappa’s Music…

Hey, Zappadan celebrators… I found a great site that analyzes Zappas music (called Zappa-Analysis and written by one Kasper Sloots.) As a sample of this site, go to http://www.zappa-analysis.com/teens.htm for midi examples and sheetmusic transcriptions with commentary on Zappa’s earliest known compositions.

And here’s a piece you’re probably not that familiar wuth: Zappa does guitar solo on Heavy Duty Judy in Stockholm, 1988:

I’m watching the Senate…

…which entered it’s session at 7:00 AM. They are finishing the debate on, and will get to the vote for, the Defense Spending Bill which the Republicans have been stalling on. The stall is the current Republican policy, and the defense Bill is actually being used to stall the health care Bill.

Harry Reid is determined to get a Defense vote this morning and, although it is not certain that we will have it since the Republicans are going to try any way they can to hold it off, the Majority Leader has pushed this early morning session into assembly despite a foot or so of fresh snow in DC.

Exciting television on C-Span if you are a political junkie like me.