Starting the Day with Quotes from Health Care Polar Opposites

… and they are both Independents  who meet in the Democratic Caucus.

“The overwhelming majority of Americans want to be able to choose between a strong public option and a private insurance plan. Without that competition, there is very little in this bill that would keep health insurance premiums from escalating rapidly. This legislation cannot simply be a huge subsidy to private insurance companies that will get millions of new customers and be able to raise their rates as high as they want.”

-Bernie Sanders (I – VT)

“My only resort, and every other senator — and there will be others who feel exactly the way I do about the public option, if the public option is still in there — the only resort we have is to say no at the end to reporting the bill off the floor.”

– Joe Lieberman (I – CT)

So how do we get this aligned (or how do we get the 60th vote from someone other than Lieberman?)

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