This may be the only time you catch me writing about Sarah Palin…

One of the things that is turning me away from television…even MSNBC… is the amount of coverage being given to Sarah Palin at the release of her new book.

Is she going to run for President in 2012? Is she the spokesperson for the Repiglican Party? Does what she says MEAN ANYTHING… or is what she says even TRUE? What do the lines of people waiting to get her autograph on her book mean? How does this effect the ongoing, cellar-bottom polling numbers she gets as a political potential?

Are she and Joe Lieberman going to leave their spouses and run off together? (Sorry… spending too much time at the grocery store checkout looking at tabloid covers.)

Now that I have all of this out, let me say I don’t care what this woman does or what she says. And it puts my opinion of a big chunk of the population on an even lower notch than it has been.

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  1. I’ve been trying to stay away from the topic of Sarah Palin, also. I don’t get it. What has she done to warrant all this attention? Nothing as far as I can tell.

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