I’m not sure Reid has it covered with Lieberman…

…but here’s part of an article from The Hill where Reid says Holy Joe won’t block final vote on Health Care Bill.

Do you believe it? Naah, me either.

clipped from thehill.com

Reid reassures left Lieberman on board

Sen. Joe Lieberman has reached a private understanding with Majority
Leader Harry Reid that he will not block a final vote on healthcare
reform, according to two sources briefed on the matter.

The unpredictable Democrat-turned-Independent last week publicly stated he would join Republicans in filibustering the Democratic legislation after Reid (D-Nev.) announced he had included a government-run health insurance plan in the bill.

But sources said Reid’s staff is telling liberal interest groups that Lieberman (Conn.) has assured Reid he will vote with Democrats in the necessary procedural vote to end debate, perhaps with intentions to change the bill.

“Lieberman keeps assuring Reid that he’s OK,” said one source. “But he’s one of those characters — you never know with Joe.

When reporters later asked Reid whether he could trust Lieberman in the 111th Congress, Reid said: “The answer is yes, I trust Sen. Joe Lieberman.”
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Of course, I hope I’m wrong.

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