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Halloween Nite…

I’m sitting inside my open garage with the candy bowl for trick-or-treaters (ie: 12 Princess Leia’s and about a dozen others),,, and to entertain myself I’m playing Roy Zimmerman songs that I picked up on You Tube.

Here’s one:

Hope your Halloween has been uneventful.

Obama said things were picking up today…

clipped from www.reuters.com
President Barack Obama said on Saturday this week’s positive job and economic growth figures proved that his big spending efforts to stimulate the economy were working.


But he cautioned in his weekly radio address to Americans that “we have a long way to go before we return to prosperity” and more job losses were likely in coming days.

The U.S. unemployment rate remains stubbornly high at 9.8 percent, despite a $787 billion economic stimulus that Obama and his fellow Democrats, who control Congress, pushed through in February.

But new data this week showing the U.S. economy growing in the third quarter for the first time in more than a year, signaling the end of the worst recession in 70 years, was good news for the Obama administration.

“Now, economic growth is no substitute for job growth,” Obama stressed in his radio address. “But we will not create the jobs we need unless the economy is growing.”

Obama said overall the stimulus had created or saved more than one million jobs.

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I’m glad to hear all of this… although I’m still without a job and very much in need of a new freelance client. However, slow as it may be, things are getting better and my confidence in Obama is intact.

Life is full of fun… just ask Arnold Schwarzenegger

Did you see this in the Huffpost or somewhere else this morning? Ahhhnold was vetoing something passed by his State Legislators and accompanied the veto with this letter (this is a graphic reprint exactly as it went out):

originalIf you look at the two main paragraphs of the letter and read the acrostic phrase that is made by reading downward the first letters of each line, you get a sense of Governor Schwarzenegger’s true response to his Assembly members.

Now Ahhhnold says: “That was a total coincidence. It was one of those wild coincidences.”

The Miami Herald, reprinting a McClatchy article on the subject, said this:

Schwarzenegger sent the letter to Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, who earlier had told the governor to “kiss my gay a– .”

Stephen Devlin, the chair of the math department at the University of San Francisco, told the San Francisco Weekly that the odds of the letters appearing in proper order in seven consecutive lines to spell out the profanity was one in 10 million.

“Not surprisingly, it’s virtually impossible for this to happen,” Devlin told the newspaper.

Political amusement rarely shows its head like this… what a great way to start the weekend.

Oh yes, Happy Halloween, friends.