…and to start off our morning with 2 quotes:

Here is an interchange betweenKarl Rove and Howard Dean from a live debate yesterday that I wish I had seen. Rove had said that Medicare rejects claims twice as often as the overall health insurance industry, and he promised to put the proof in his Wall Street Journal column next week:

“That’s a made up statistic, Karl Rove. . . . For the first time tonight, I’m calling you on it. You made that up.”

– Howard Dean

“And I would appreciate it if you didn’t question my integrity. . . . Mr. Dean, you just called me a liar and I don’t appreciate it.”

– Karl Rove

If only Rove was called on it more often.

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  1. The absolute truth of Rove’s claim can be found here. Since it’s the 2008 National Health Insurer Report Card (NHIRC) from the AMA, I’d say that it is quite creditable.

    But then Liberals never cared about truth, only lies that serve their anti-American agenda…

    • Hey sport… haven’t heard from you in a while. Glad you crawled out from under your rock.
      Item 12 of the document you sited shows Medicare virtually equal to Aetna, but with 10 times as many claimants. I think Dean has hit it (him) on the head.

      • I live in the light, unlike the slimy Liberals who crawl in the slime under rocks. It’s the difference between being both American and human and being a Liberal. 😉

        But…If one only reads the charts at the top, one would reach your false conclusion. If one actually reads the AMA’s document, one is forced to reach a different conclusion.

        At first glance it would seem that the private health insurance company, Aetna, runs a sadly close second in denying people’s health insurance claims. A slight bit of research in the AMA’s 2008 NHIRC shows that this initial opinion is wrong though. 65.7% of the claims that Aetna denied were denied because the benefit for the service was already included in the payment for another service or procedure that had already been adjudicated. If one factors out these duplicate claims, Aetna’s overall percentage of denied claims is only 4.47%.

        Medicare’s claim denial figures have no similar amelioration to be found within the AMA’s annual scorecard.

        Medicare’s reason for denying claims:

        Paperwork error in Claim (27.80%)
        Claim deemed as not a “medical necessity” (20.90%)
        Claim not covered by this payer/contractor (13.80%)
        Non-covered charge(s) (8.50%)
        Patient couldn’t be identified as insured (5.80%)

        So you might want to think again.

      • Of course, that’s the great charm of interpretation… you can take it anywhere you want to.

      • Straight-up numbers and figures are a bit hard to interpret or skew within the context of a single document and declarative statement.

        All of Rove’s claims, and my own, are documented in hard numbers in the NHIRC.

        Hell, the AMA even supports ObamaCare; they’d be unlikely to lie in anything other than its favor.

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