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This from Chris Bowers at OPEN LEFT:

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The Democratic leadership in the House is in the final stages of putting together their health care reform bill.  As I already mentioned, they are meeting at 2:45 p.m. eastern, to go over the whip counts, and determine what sort of public option to include in the bill.


We will know their decision for certain at 10 a.m., eastern, tomorrow morning.  This is because, according to an email sent to Democrats on Capitol Hill today, “Speaker Pelosi, Leadership and Members of the House Democratic Caucus” are holding “an event tomorrow on health insurance reform” at 10 a.m. at the West Front of the US Capitol.

That event can only mean one thing: they are unveiling the bill which they will send to the floor. The odds are not great that they will include the Medicare +5% public option, but we are still giving it one last shot anyway.

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Guess we’ll see where the House is going to fit with the Senate. Not sure how their Public Option will look… but it seems to get a little weaker every day.

Summing it up in One Sentence

“Sen. Lieberman is always there when we don’t need him.”

– Paul Begala

Changing a lifestyle is very interesting…

My readers know that last week my wife and I started eating a Vegan diet, but it is now becoming a more interesting prospect since she received a bunch of books she ordered from Amazon. There were some cookbooks to give us new things to try, which I appreciated since I do a lot of our cooking, and a heavy volume called “The China Study,” by T. Colin Campbell, PhD and Thomas M. Campbell II. Dr. Campbell comes from decades of scientific research at Cornell, MIT and other institutions and he published this book three years ago. If I had read it then, I would have most likely started this Vegan program much sooner.

I won’t get into the depth of research in this book, but I will say there are hundreds of scientifically proven and published sources here which contradict most of the popular diet plans that I have been addicted to most of my overweight life. Ostensibly, he shows why the basic American diet, especially as it regards protein from meat and large quantities of milk products, not only promotes weight but also heart disease, mental disorders such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes (which I have developed) and many more things which lead to shortened lifetimes.

Campbell gets into the advantages of replacing an animal protein based diet with a plant based diet as a way of promoting health and reversing some diseases (including diabetes, which he has significant documentation on). As time goes by I’ll keep you updated on things I’ve learned here, and I’d appreciate your comments, too. So many people have done this before me and I have a lot to learn.