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Keith Olbermann is doing an hour-long Special Comment on Health Care

I’m watching Keith tonite… and I am yelling “Yeah!” every ten minutes. He is really taking the Health Insurance companies to task for what they have inflicted on us.

If you didn’t watch the 8 o’clock presentation, then tune him in at 10 (or 1 am eastern time).

If you mss it altogether they will eventually post it on his site HERE... it’s not there yet because right now he is live. I don’t know when they post the video.

This is a heart-wrenching piece that deals with his father and the health care system and everything he’s observed in the last couple of months.

He makes a great proposal about putting free clinics in the communities of the Senators who are in the Insurance company’s pockets. He’ll donate. Who else will?

Memorable Quote:

“We will not be crucified on a Cross of Blue.”

Irving Penn, 92, American Photographer Dies

penn_ss1Irving Penn (June 16, 1917 – October 7, 2009) was an American photographer known for his portraiture and fashion photography.

Included in Penn’s best works were his portraits of Pablo Picasso, David Smith, Saul Steinberg, and Marcel Duchamp; studies of indigenous peoples in New Guinea and Peru; provocative still lifes; and influential fashion studies.

Major magazines, ad campaigns, museum shows… Penn did them all. His work will be an ongoing remembrance.

Truthout has a pertinent editorial on this Anniversary Day

I’m glad to see the editors of Truthout, which has always seemed to me to maintain a distanced and balanced viewpoint on partisan politics, has taken a strong view on the Afghanistan War. I read it (as I sat here and listened to John Carter, Republican of Texas, trying to get Charles Rangel pulled off the Chairmanship of the House Ways and Means Committee) and I hope you will read it, too.

Here’s a clip from the summary:

As members of the Senate and House go into conference to decide the fate of the defense spending bill in the coming weeks – and as they consider additional war funding for 2011 over the next few months – we hope they will recognize the futility of escalating violence and the urgency of searching for peaceful means to end the conflict.

President Obama has called the Afghan conflict a “war of necessity.” We entreat Congress and the administration to reframe the official story on Afghanistan and reveal the true necessity at hand: to stop funding directionless violence and bring the troops home.

Go HERE to read the whole thing.

Today is an Anniversary… let’s not celebrate.

It is the eighth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan today. As of yesterday, when a contingent from Congress met with the President, it looks like we’re staying. Will troops increase and, if so, how many? Will Obama start being seen the way we saw Bush?

Look at the mask!

I find this disturbing, especially since we’re still in the useless war in Iraq and we hear people talk about going after Iran… and we still have to protect Israel.

When I drive my car today, I’ll think about the oil it uses and, if it were not for oil, would we be in the mideast at all?

HuffPo ran pictures of the eighth anniversary of Afghanistan yesterday. See them HERE.