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Frostburg Arts Walk

img.phpAs I write this I’m about 2 hours from home in Allegheny County, western Maryland, at the Frostburg Art Walk. We came here because Elly had a friend exhibiting in one of the event locales.

I’m taking pictures now… I’ll update this when I get home very late tonite.


Update 1

Photo 17STILL IN FROSTBURG. Elly and I are getting ready for a concert in the Palace Theatre with tickets her friend Lisa gave us. I’m sitting outside the Palace on a park bench watching some live musicians who are performing across the street. Elly is a couple of doors down at a craft shop looking at their creations.

The performer in the Palace tonite is Johnny Staats… I’ll report more later.

Photo 16We ate this evening in the Princess Restaurant… not much to look at outside, but inside it’s an old Diner-style setup. We ate at the soda fountain counter, which for me is a treat having grown up on my Dad’s drugstore soda fountain.

OK… more later… we’re going into the Palace.


Update 2

Great Bluegrass concert with Johnny Staats and the Delivery Boys Band (called that because Johnny earns a living days as a UPS delivery guy). I’ve never seen anyone who can do with a Mandolin what he did (bluegrass version of Mozart, an incredible piece he wrote called Mandolin Meltdown, and more. His backup group, 2 guitars a big classic bass and a five string banjo… plus an added female voice… was great, too.

They did two 55 minute sets and an encore. Then we drove for close to two hours and just got home a few minutes ago… I’m exhausted. I’ll post pictures and some other comments on the Art Walk tomorrow.

Quote of the Day (Maybe of the Decade!)

Obama WH already got more from one buffet lunch with Iran than Bush WH did in 8 years of saber-rattling.”

Steve Hind quoted by Glenn Greenwald in Salon.

So, are we ready to get behind Obama’s Foreign Policy? Maybe it will prevent one more war.

Put it on my Tombstone… a new series.

This is a new series on Under The LobsterScope where we will post the things that people have asked be put on their tombstones. We’ll start here:

“At last, a plot.”

– Larry Gelbart, film and TV writer who died recently.

If you have one to add, send it in.

Cartoon of the Week

Tony Auth, Universal Press Syndicate:


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