Daily Archives: September 27, 2009

Quote of the Day

“I know insurance companies treat their clients badly and charge way too much for their products. I know there is a way the government could create a public option that would help millions of Americans with these problems, but helping people is not my top priority. I think it is much more important to give large for-profit corporations another chance to screw over the American people.”

Jon Walker at FireDogLake’s Campaign Silo saying what politicians (Harry Reid in this instance) REALLY MEAN when they support a “Trigger” in the Health Care legislation as opposed to a straight-forward Political Option.

William Safire has Died at Age 79

Conservative Columnist and former White House Speech Writer has died of cancer in a Maryland hospice. He wrote a NY Times column for 30 years and, during the Nixon Administration, coined Spiro Agnew’s famous phrase: “nattering nabobs of negativism.”

Safire made a specialty of analyzing the correct use of the English language, and in more than 3000 columns and 15 books he had plenty of opportunity to show off his craft.

I never agreed with his point of view, but I must say I admired his weight and staying power in journalism.

Let’s take a break…

I’ve been blogging so much lately that I am really tired out. I’m going to take a few hours off today… but I’ll be back.

Have a nice Sunday Morning.


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