Chasing Clean Air, the Video…

Donna Barnett sent me a comment on this morning’s article about The Age Of Stupid, which led me to visit ner wonderful blog Chasing Clean Air

There, among a great deal of other great pieces about climate and pollution and what we have to do about the situation, you will find her video, also called Chasing Clean Air. Fom the Info:

Chasing Clean Air: Climate Change features Donna Barnett’s journey out of Los Angeles and into clean air where climate change markers were found along the way.

Athabasca glacier in Alberta, Canada: Accelerating ice melt is going to the Arctic, Pacific, and Atlantic oceans.

Central British Columbia: The mountain pine beetle is destroying forests and salmon runs are smaller than in cooler times.

Also featured solutions and positive changes happening now!

Beautiful original photographs and video from Southwest, Los Angeles, Yosemite, and Pacific Northwest.

New music “Turn It Around” by Paul Malysa.

The video was shot, produced and edited by Donna Barnett for the blog

Here it is:

I’ve also added her blog to my blogroll so you can check in regularly.

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  1. this moved me greatly
    change is pervading my life
    this gave me much joy

    Thank You for Sharing this!!!

    May All Beings Be Happy.

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