“The time for bickering is over…” but The War is on!

Obama addressed an overflow crowd in Minneapolis’ Target Center today, once again outlining his Health Care plan, explaining how we will pay for it, and getting the voters primed for action… Here is about ten minutes of it from CNN… the whole speech is up over at C-Span as well.

Meanwhile, in Washington DC, thousands of reactionaries were trucked in by Fox News, Glenn Beck’s organizers, and the right-wingnuts who have been convinced by these jerks to work against their own best interests:

Watching these guys interviewed on television was a revelation. Somehow we have from ABC Newsall of the Birthers and all of the anti-Acorn righties and Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks, which has been subsidized by the Insurance companies in one place today and they seem more interested in equating Obama with Hitler and The Joker and carrying rather tasteless signs that say “Bury Obamacare with Kennedy.”

The Right will undoubtedly get more outrageous and the Insurance Company/Fox News factions will pour as much as they can in… especially since Obama makes sense and has 70% to 80% of the voting population behind him.

More to come.

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  1. On my blog, I concentrate on real information. I’m sure the left would love to believe that Fox News and big insurance is steering this debate for the right, but for the most part they are wrong.

    Yes, some people believe anything they read or hear without checking out the facts. Both right (at Fox News) and left (at MSNBC).

    Many others of us, read the bills (as I have done and detailed on my blog) and documents and make up our own mind. Many of us believe that the federal government (both Republicans and Democrats) are steeping outside the bounds of the authority given them by the Constitution.

    I want healthcare reform, but they really should have formed a committee to come up with a heathcare plan. One with an equal number of Republicans & Democrats, and representation from physicians, hospitals, insurance, GBO, employers, and union.

    Then maybe everyone could have bought into the plan.

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