The Right will use Kennedy’s passing to fight Health Care Reform

Watching Teddy’s Memorial Service on MSNBC while I am surfing the web and discovering that the radical right web sites are using the occasion to say some of the nastiest things about him, about liberals and about and public option health plan. I’ve been looking at blogs entitled “It Ain’t America No More!” and “The Mary Jo Kopechne Right to Life Bill” and “Gun Grabbers Rush to Exploit Ted Kennedy’s Death” and “The Ted Kennedy moral whitewash peaks today.” I could go on (and I didn’t put in links, since, if you want to read this crap, you can go find it yourself.)

A lot of right-wing writing is trying to ward off the push that Kennedy’s death is giving liberals to pass Health Care. This, I guess, is to be expected.

At least we can make fun of the right’s anti- health care reform stand, as Mark Fiore shows in this animation:

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  1. Thanks, Bill. Giant helpings of satire and snark are a great “pick-me-up” for the midday blues. Laughter, often, really is the best medicine, and the health insurance companies don’t make a dime from it.

  2. I think the odds are much greater that the left and the liberals will use his death to try to get the health care bill passed using the “its his lifes work” line until it bleeds. The fact that he has passed away does not change how either side saw him, alive or dead, liberals have much more to gain than the right. Conservatives do not need to lie they can simply piont to things from his past to make a case against him if that is what they are trying to do.

    History does not go away unless you can rewrite it. Calling Obama the last Kennedy brother is sure not to create good will on either the right or the left. The left has all the reason in the world to try to invoke him to get the bill they want so bad, across the finish line. Only time will tell, but if your wrong and the left does use him, or brings him up over and over again, will you be man enough to post the fact that you were wrong?

    • Oh, I think the left will use him… very much like the right used Reagan, who also was a deeply flawed individual and a destructive (in the W. sense) President.

      Who called Obama the “last Kennedy Brother?”

  3. Soilent Green is people!!!

    (Good video. 🙂 )

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