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Opera and Communities…

I was so sorry to read the article in Opera News about the bankruptcy and fall of the Baltimore Opera, especially after last winter’s closure of the Connecticut Opera. Both of these companies had served for around six decades, through times of triumph and times of desperation, only to be destroyed by this wretched economy and threadbare community support.

I say this as I prepare The Hunting Of The Snark, the opera for children that Ed Roberts composed and that I was librettist  and director on back in the early 70s in NYC, for it’s February production at Full Circle Theater in Shepherdstown.

While I know we can push this as “children’s theatre” or as a “family piece”, in the long run it is sung drama in operatic form … opera … and it is anyone’s guess how this community will respond to it.

Quote of the Day

“And then these Republican bastards are joining with their Democratic bastard pals to lick the stinking buttholes of the health and insurance lobby so that the steady flow of money, and the high-end Congressional and Senatorial lifestyles, power and influence funded by such a flow, won’t be interrupted.”

– Lisa at Politics After 50

(Actually this is just an enticement for you to read a great post… one of the best I’ve seen on the current situation. Go HERE to read it all.)

Summer is ending…


Elly starts classes this week and I am working a few hours at BITW.com doing Search Engine Optimizations. I remember when Summer didn’t end until Labor Day, but that’s not the way it is any more.