What on Earth do we do to combat such obvious action?

As every day passes and we find Republicans and Corporate Lobbyists continuing to stream their amazingly obvious invented crap through the media: questioning Obama’s citizenship, claiming the idea of Death Committees that will exterminate the elderly, comparisons to Nazism, calling health care reform socialism, etc. etc. etc.

It is so clear what is being done here that the inability to convince vast amounts of the American people that it is just crap is proving to be the biggest problem of all.


Are Americans uneducated?  Are they unable to see that they are being used in such a way that it perverts their own best interests? Have they lost the basic principles that made us a country at one time… got us through WWII, the Depression and helped us triumph in the Civil Rights Movement?

I tremble when listening to the garbage that comes over the radio by talk spewers who tell the same lies over and over until many believe  them to be truth. I am shocked when I bump into right-wing blogs that push the most horrible anti-Obama, anti-liberal-, anti- democracy statements. Yet I am afraid that nothing will improve the situation with the exception of a major uniting incident like 9/11 was and which the Bush Administration used to carry out the destruction of a ton of American Values.

No, I am not advocating another 9/11. We don’t need to be attacked by anti-American terrorists when we have the rise of the Right Wing and an elected body of minority Republicans who have made it perfectly clear… often by public admission… that they will do anything possible to destroy the current Majority rule, whether it is by dishonorable means or not.

I think the Majority Party better come together as a cohesive unit, whether they are Blue Dogs or Liberals, and discover that they have only themselves to fall back on… and they had better do it soon.

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  1. Thanks Ben… I’m adding Drudge Retort to my Blogroll.

  2. The nut-jobs are very vocal and give the appearance of being widespread, but the fact is, 73 percent of the public is in favor of a public option. So it’s not as bad as it seems. (Hopefully)

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