Robert Novak Dead at 78

Novak on Meet the PressConservative newspaper columnist and Television gadfly Robert Novak passed away in Chicago at 4:30 a.m., due to a malignant brain tumor, discovered July 27, 2008.

From the Chicago Sun-Times obit:

On May 15, 1963, Novak teamed up with the late Rowland Evans Jr. to create the “Inside Report” political column, which became the must-read syndicated column. Evans tapped Novak, then a 31-year old correspondent for the Wall Street Journal, to help with the workload of a six-day-a-week column.

Evans and Novak were the odd couple: Evans a Philadelphia blue blood and Yale graduate; Novak from Joliet, Ill. who attended the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana campus.

The Right will no doubt miss him. Not sure that I will.

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  1. He probably just finished an essay opposing universal health care.

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