I heard from all my children today…

Father’s Day was once again a time when my kids checked in… Buddy from DC, Cassandra from Connecticut and Penny, who came over from Martinsburg and took Elly and me out for lunch (after which we had an afternoon of playing “Bannanas” (which I pulled out of after game 5 to do some job applications.)

I spent some time looking at the stuff coming out of Iran today… read comments by most of the bloggers following the brouhaha that I have earmarked… and am not sure where it is heading. I do NOT believe that, even if Mousavi gets a second shot at the voting process, Iran will become buddies with us at all.

It would be nice if we could just stay out of it all, but it looks like Khameni is listing us as a contributor to the revolutionary upset that is occuring… whether bwe are actually involved or not. I hope Obama can stay on top of this.

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  1. I noticed your post; yes, I even read one report from the Seattle Times that they have sound evidence that the CIA provided $400,000,000 to create what the article called, ‘a hollow revolution’. If that proves to be true, we could surely wind up with our American tit in a wringer………..

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